Our mission is to gather, grow, and embrace Godly principles in order to become women of purpose, substance, and integrity; to be honorably utilized in the Kingdom of God, with a renewed mind-set as a Vessel of Honor, fit for the Master’s use.

V.O.H encompasses the following:

  • Women in the Word
  • Tabitha Time
  • Women’s Wellness
  • Ladies Time Out

Women In The Word

Our bi-monthly Bible study fosters spiritual growth through small group instruction, discussion and fellowship.

Tabitha Time

Tabitha Time is an informal gathering of women to discuss meaningful topics with practical application. Taken from Acts 9:36, Tabitha was an older woman who taught the younger women about “life”! We gather to discuss topics on the subject of parenting, marriage, and being single to name a few.

Ladies Night Out

Need a break? We’re calling all ladies to gather and enjoy FOOD, FUN AND FELLOWSHIP! Whether it be Laser Tag, bowling, or just a bite at a local coffee shop, the ladies of Vessels of Honor know how to
have a good time in the Lord!

Women of Faith

Every year thousands of women gather across the country for a time of Refreshment, a dose of reality without reproach , and a chance to create new relationships with women they may not normally meet. The Women of Faith Conference refreshes spirits, renews minds and readies the soul for the promises of God!

Ministering to women through:

    • Praise and Worship
    • Real-Life Stories and Teaching
    • Drama and Comedy