Our Goal

The goal of Iron Sharpens Iron is to inspire and equip men to rise up and lead in Godly reverence.

  • Be effective Leaders
  • Build strong God centered relationships
  • Be positive role models
  • Reach the community

Connect with men who have joined together to change this world for Christ.

The Challenge

ISI (Iron Sharpens Iron) focuses on discovering the divine call to authenticate friendship and brotherhood. The men’s ministry at Daybreak Assembly purpose is to draw men together and launch them on a God-ordained, legacy-driven adventure.

This adventure includes activities and discuss topics that speak to the whole man, Spirit Soul, and Body.

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains Understanding. Proverbs 3:13

A New Culture of Men

What would be the result of men working together for the good of one another? Imagine the profound impact on our families, communities and culture. Let us look beyond the walls of our own homes and churches and reach out to those in need.

Come observe and/or participate
Come and have fun
Come with open minds.

Come be a part of a New Culture of Men, within a Culture of Men.

Men Are Empowered To...

Be Effective Leaders

Build Strong God Centered Relationships

Be Positive Role Models

Reach The Community