Welcome to Daybreak's NextGen

Student Ministry

"NextGen" is our student ministry designed for 2nd through 5th-grade children. At NextGen, we’re passionate about seeing this generation of children connect to God, connect with each other, and build their faith. We encourage our students to worship fearlessly! Our excellent teachers and volunteers will bring biblical concepts to each child's level as we take to the heart what Jesus talks about the Kingdom of Heaven belonging to the children! 

Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

NextGen is offered at our 10:30 am Worship Service.

All children are checked in and out via our security system up to 10 minutes before and up to 5 minutes after service.

Yes, all of our NextGen & NextGen YTH volunteer teams complete a background check before they begin volunteering.

A text message is sent directly to your phone if the parent or guardian is needed during service. 

We collect information that connects the parent/legal guardian to the child or children's name on your first visit. This data includes emergency contact details and any particular information such as allergies or special needs guidelines.

After the first visit, the parent/guardian will be able to check-in just by using the phone number provided at sign-up. There will always be a team member to help walk you through the process.

Meet Our Team